is a leading supplier of Electrical, Mechanical,Fasteners,Welding,Safety and Packing Materials.

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is a leading supplier of Electrical, Mechanical,Fasteners,Welding,Safety and Packing Materials.

We provide an extensive selection of electrical materials including wiring devices, switches, sockets, conduits, MCBs, junction boxes, power supplies, surge protectors, controls, sensors, and various other accessories.

We provide diverse mechanical tools such as abrasives, bearings, bolts, blades, drills, hoists, calipers, gauges, grease, and various other essentials.

We offer an extensive selection of welding materials including stick electrodes, solid wires, flux-cored wires, shielding gas, safety gear, and various essential accessories.

We specialize in providing comprehensive and tailored engineering solutions designed to meet diverse industrial challenges effectively and efficiently.

We supply various packaging materials such as cardboard boxes, shrink wrap, jute bags, tapes, labels, and more for palletizing and packaging needs.

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We excel in delivering superior solutions by adopting a profitable partnership model, amplifying mutual growth and unlocking vast market potential. Our commitment to this collaborative approach ensures thriving relationships, driving collective success. By prioritizing partnerships, we maximize opportunities, achieving remarkable milestones together. Each client engagement underlines our dedication to not just solutions but also enduring collaborations, thriving in an ever-evolving market environment.

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Mechanical Products

"Al Kabeer excels in trading various types of mechanical products. Our diverse range and quality service make them a reliable choice."

Electrical Products

"Al Kabeer is a trusted trader of diverse electrical products. Our wide range and quality offerings ensure reliability for varied needs."

Welding Products

"Al Kabeer is a reliable trader offering diverse welding products and safety kits. Our quality range ensures safety and efficiency across various applications."

Engineering Solutions

"Al Kabeer is excellent at providing different types of engineering solutions. we cover a wide range of needs and offer quality support for various industries."

Packaging Products

"Al Kabeer offers a wide variety of packaging products for different needs. we provide quality options that suit various requirements in the market."

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For your industrial needs, whether it’s electrical, mechanical, lubricants, welding, or engineering solutions, consider Alkabeer Industries LLC. They offer a comprehensive range of services to cater to diverse industrial requirements. Choose Alkabeer Industries LLC for reliable and effective solutions tailored to your specific needs.

We offer products of the highest quality.

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Immensity Logistics

Alice Howard (Manager)

I highly recommend Al Kabeer for packaging kits and equipment. Thank you for your excellent service and reliable products. Grateful.

Mechanical Engineer

Er. Atul

My experience with Al Kabeer Industries has been fantastic. I highly recommend for mechanical products and engineering solutions in India. Their service is exceptional and reliable.



I highly recommend considering Al Kabeer Industries LLC for engineering solutions, welding, and electrical products. They offer top-notch quality, fast delivery, and excellent responsiveness in their service.


Ann Smith

Al Kabeer excels in delivering welding products and safety kits promptly. Exceptional service and quality items. Highly recommend their reliability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide a comprehensive range of mechanical products, plant utilities, and safety kits, catering to various needs and ensuring quality and reliability in our offerings.

Yes, we deliver mechanical products, plant utilities, and safety kits throughout the Middle East, ensuring timely and reliable delivery to meet our customers’ needs in the region.


Our engineering solutions are delivered through a blend of expertise, innovative methods, and advanced technology, ensuring effective problem-solving and tailored strategies to meet specific challenges.