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Electrical Products

Alkabeer’s Electrical products epitomize precision, durability, and innovation, ensuring efficient and reliable performance in diverse industrial applications.


Cables comprise hot, neutral, and grounding wires, categorized by quantity and gauge determined by wire diameter. Smaller gauges indicate thicker wires. Gauges 10 and 20 are typical in residences, but larger wires risk appliance damage.


A switch is an electrical device altering circuit connectivity. Varied configurations exist, with multiple contact sets managed by a single control. Operation can be manual (e.g., light switches) or sensory (e.g., detecting temperature or pressure like a thermostat).


Electricity poses risks of shocks, burns, and fires. Safety measures include skilled individuals handling wiring, homeowners aware of fuse box locations, avoiding overloading circuits, and using socket testers to verify proper polarity and power.


We’re a top provider of diverse Electrical Wiring Accessories, ensuring sturdy construction, smooth operation, reliability, and durability. Our products boast accuracy, technical excellence, and energy efficiency. Rigorously quality-checked, these items offer stability at competitive market prices.


We offer a wide array of Electrical Wiring Accessories meeting diverse client needs. Our sturdy, reliable products guarantee smooth operations, durability, and energy efficiency. Quality-checked for stability, these items are available to our clients at competitive prices.

Explosion Proof Lighting

Our LED Explosion Proof Lights meet Class I Division 2 standards, replacing HID and fluorescent lights. With IP68 waterproofing and high performance, they ensure safety in hazardous areas. Al kabeer Electrical offers tailored options.


Explosion Proof Electrical Accessories

Explosion-proof electrical fittings ensure safety in areas with flammable gas or combustible dust. They protect against sparks or flames, safeguarding both people and equipment in hazardous locations. Al kabeer  offers diverse options to suit your needs.

LED Light Fixtures

Lighting impacts well-being, mood, concentration, and creativity. Al kabeer offers diverse LED options like Bulbs, Strip Lights, Downlights, Ceiling Panels, Spotlights, and more, catering to residential and industrial lighting needs.

Industrial Plugs & Sockets alkabeer industries llc

Industrial Plugs & Sockets

Industrial and multiphase plugs and sockets cater to higher voltage and current needs than household counterparts. They’re vital in polyphase systems or hazardous environments. Al kabeer provides diverse Industrial Plugs and Sockets for various voltage requirements.

Cooling Fans alkabeer industries llc

Cooling Fans

The cooling fan is crucial for panel systems, dissipating absorbed heat through forced ventilation. Al kabeer provides a diverse range of Cooling Fans tailored to various voltage options and specific needs in electrical systems.


Power Supply Units

A PSU transforms mains AC to regulated low-voltage DC for internal electrical components or LED fixtures. Al kabeer  provides a diverse range of Power Supply Units tailored to various needs.

Electrical Accessories

Electrical accessories for domestic and industrial wiring include switches, holders, sockets, plug-tops, ceiling roses, and fuse cut-outs. Switches control circuit ON/OFF, holders connect lamps, and ceiling roses support fans or lights.

LV Switchgear al kabeer

LV Switchgear

“Al Kabeer provides a diverse range of LV Switchgears, including circuit breakers, isolators, fuses, and more from renowned manufacturers like Schneider, ABB, Eaton, Hager, and others.”

Electrical Marking Labels

“Al Kabeer  offers comprehensive electrical labels and markers for safety compliance. Customizable solutions are available to meet specific identification needs for various electrical applications.”

Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks

When it comes to securely bridging circuits, Al Kabeer offers a wide variety of Terminal Blocks. Our selection covers a wide range of forms, dimensions, and ratings, guaranteeing single-wire termination and successfully satisfying your unique connection requirements.”


Cable Glands alkabeer

Cable Glands

The cable gland serves as a sealant and terminator, ensuring electrical safety by excluding dust and moisture. Al Kabeer offers various Cable Glands, including ‘A1’ and ‘A2’, suitable for unarmored cables indoors and outdoors, meeting diverse specifications.


Trays & Trunking

“Al Kabeer offers a diverse range of Cable Trays, Turnings, and Cables to cater to your needs. Cable trunking installation prevents damage, conceals wiring, and supports various electrical applications, ensuring safety and functionality.”

Limit Switches

“Essential for electrical systems, cable lugs connect and terminate cables. Al Kabeer offers diverse Cable Lugs in copper, aluminum, or alloys. From Ring, Pin, Fork, Male & Female connectors to Flat types, we cater to varied termination needs.”

LED Indicator Lamps

“We offers an extensive range of LED indicator lamps, crucial for signaling changes in electrical circuits. With various voltages and colors available, these lights effectively indicate power status or operational states, meeting diverse demands.”


Cable Lugs

Cable lugs are crucial connectors for cable termination in electrical systems, commonly made from copper, aluminium, or their alloys. Al Kabeer provides a wide range, including Ring, Pin, Fork, Male & Female connector, and Flat types, catering to diverse termination needs.

Float Switches

“A float switch detects liquid levels in tanks, functioning as a mechanical switch. Al Kabeer provides diverse Float Switches, controlling pumps, valves, and alarms, tailored to meet specific needs and requirements.”

Micro Switches

“Micro Switches play vital roles in various applications like sensing open/closed doors, vending machines, printers, and pressure systems. Al Kabeer provides diverse Micro Switches meeting specific needs and requirements across multiple industries.”


Push Button Switches

“A push button switch controls electrical circuits by manual pressing, while a toggle button changes between two states. Al Kabeer provides various Push Button Switches, including toggle and slider controls, meeting diverse needs and requirements.”

Electrical Terminals

“Electrical Terminals are connectors transferring current between sources and applications. Al kabeer provides a diverse range of Electrical Terminals, including crimped, connectors, and terminators, tailored to specific needs and requirements.”

Electrical Measuring Instruments

“Various electrical and electronic instruments include voltmeters, ammeters, wattmeters, ohmmeters, LCR meters, and multimeters. Al Kabeer provides a comprehensive range of Electrical Measuring Instruments and Tools, catering to diverse needs and requirements.”


“Fans serve various purposes like air circulation, cooling, and ventilation. Al kabeer provides a range of Fans, including Ceiling Mounted, Wall-mounted, Mist, and Pedestal Fans, catering to diverse needs and requirements for efficient air movement.”

Light Fixtures / Light Fittings

“Al Kabeer provides an extensive range of light fixtures, including Recessed, Track & Monorail, Linear LED lights, Chandeliers, Pendant, Ceiling, Floor & Table Lamps. Additionally, various bulb types like Incandescent, Fluorescent, CFL, Halogen, and LED are also available.”

Electrical Products and Accessories

“Al Kabeer Ware provides a wide array of electrical products, including Electrical Conduit & Fittings, Wires & Cables, Explosion-Proof Enclosures, Circuit Breakers, Connectors, Boxes, Lugs, Motor Controls, VFDs, and more to meet diverse electrical needs.”

Wiring Accessories

“Wiring accessories encompass switches, sockets, conduits, junction boxes, fuses, timers, and testers used in electrical setups. Al Kabeer Ware provides a diverse range including outdoor variants, flexible conduits, metal-clad switches, and more.”

Electrical Tools

“Electrical tools, vital for working on electrical systems, encompass wire and cable cutters, strippers, coaxial compression tools, telephony tools, cable tie tools, and accessories. Al Kabeer offers a comprehensive range of these essential tools.”
Electrical-panels al kabeer

Electrical panels

Electrical panels, essential in power distribution, house circuit breakers, switches, and meters. Al Kabeer offers a variety of panels catering to diverse needs, ensuring efficient control and distribution of electrical power.

Electrical Conduits

“Electrical conduits safeguard wires in buildings or structures. Al Kabeer provides PVC, GI, and Flexible conduits, ensuring wire protection and meeting diverse needs for enhanced safety and functionality.”

VFD Panel al kabeer

VFD Panel

“The VFD Panel, or Variable Frequency Drive Panel, regulates electric motor and feed pump speed, extensively used in drilling, pumping, conveyors, and compressors. Al Kabeer provides diverse VFD Panels meeting varied application needs.”


“A transformer transfers electric energy between circuits, adjusting voltage levels. Al Kabeer offers a comprehensive range of Transformers catering to diverse voltage modification needs and various circuit requirements.”

Power Invertors

“A power inverter converts DC battery power into usable AC power for various devices like lights, appliances, electronics, and tools. Al Kabeer provides a wide range of Inverters to suit diverse needs.”
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